Safer vaccinations

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Safer vaccinations

General Safety Guidelines Administer vaccinations only to absolutely healthy children. Postpone the vaccinations if your child is ill, has a fever, cold, or has been ill within the past 10-14 days or appears to be coming down with some illness. If your child is experiencing an allergic response at the time of vaccination, such as a seasonal allergy, postpone the vaccination until allergic symptoms have cleared.

If your child is old enough to take supplements, give him or her vitamins C, A and Zinc from one to two weeks before vaccination and for another two weeks afterwards. At a minimum, give them the day before, on the day and the day after vaccination. Be sure to not give an excess of Vitamin A, preferably give as cod liver oil. Try to have all vaccinations administered one at a time, in single-dose vials. This will reduce the risk of overwhelming the immune system.

Do not agree to administration of the hepatitis-B shot on your child's day of birth, or shortly thereafter. This vaccination is appropriate on the day of birth only when the mother is hepatitis-B positive. If possible, breast-feed your infant, to confer added immunity. Make sure your child's diet is healty and rich in nutrients before, during and after all vaccinations.

Excerpt from Kenneth Bock's Healing the New Childhood Epidemics

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